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ALMO Edge Gate

DMS is now selling Almo’s new in-mold edge gate cutting pins and sprue bushings.

KALLER Gas Springs

KALLER gas springs are designed to meet customer expectations for reliability, safety and service life mainly in sheet metal forming applications. But they are capable to handle numerous other applications where high force or energy storage efficiency is required. The design, manufacturing and testing of KALLER gas springs has been approved according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU).

Benefits of the gas spring, compared to a typical mechanical spring, are:

  • ability to create higher force in less space
  • immediate presence of force when stroked
  • low force increase over the stroke
  • easy to adjust the force by increasing or decreasing the amount of gas in the spring.

I-Mold Tunnel Gate Inserts

i-mold tunnel gate inserts are recognized worldwide as innovative products with high cost-reducing potential for moldmakers and molders.

  • Time and cost reduction thanks to fast and easy application
  • Made of highly wear-resistant hot work tool steel M2 (1.3343)
  • High degree of reliability in production process
  • Suitable for all plastics thanks to optimized feed channel geometry – up to 60 % filler content (e. g. glass fibre) is possible.
  • Use of MIM process ensures smooth feed channels and exact gate sizes

Mitutoyo LH600 Linear Height System

The Mitutoyo LH600 Linear Height system is a 1D vertical measuring device that offers high accuracy (1.7um over 600mm) and easy operation of measuring features like heights, inside and outside diameters, slot widths etc. It can also be used as a 2D system by measuring features in the X axis and by rotating the part 90 degrees. The same features are then measured in the Y axis. There are calculated features that can be obtained by selecting the X and Y measurements. It also has pneumatic floating that allows ease of movement around the surface plate. Measuring range is 24”/600mm but can be extended to 38”/972mm by relocating the measuring probe to the upper position.

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