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DMS Components
Leader Pins (Straight) Leader Pins (Shoulder) Leader Pins & Bushings 1/2
Shoulder Bushings (Steel) Shoulder Bushings (Solid Bronze) Shoulder Bushings (Self Lubricating)
Shoulder Bushings (Bronze Plated) Staright Bushings (Steel) Straight Bushings (Self Lubricating)
Guided Ejector Bushings (Steel) Guided Ejector Bushings (Bronze Plated) Guided Ejector Support Pillars (Inch)
Guided Ejector Support Pillars (Metric) Guided Ejector Support Pillars Standard Support Pillars (Tapped)
Tubular Dowels Medium Duty Springs (Blue) Springs Medium Heavy Duty (Red)
Springs Heavy Duty (Gold) Sprue Bushings U, LN & R Series
Sprue Bushings UV Series Gib Assemblies Locating Rings
Slide Retainers Angle Pins Tapered Bar Locks
Round Tapered Interlocks Side Locks Top Locks
Guide Locks E Side Locks Air Injectors Standard (Metric & Inch)
Air Injectors (Filtered) i-mold Cashew Gate Inserts 10mm
i-mold Cashew Gate Inserts 14mm i-mold Cashew Gate Inserts TGC1
i-mold Cashew Gate Inserts TGC3 i-mold Cashew Gate Inserts TGC3 Sequential Marker
Double Date Stamp High Temperature Date Stamps & Inserts Micro Date Stamps & Inserts
Standard Date Stamps & Inserts Multi Date Stamps (2 & 4 Zone) Block Bases & Block Inserts
EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts 10mm EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts 12mm
EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts 14mm
EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts Miniflow EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts Ringelflow EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts Kontourflow
EXA-flow Cashew Gate Inserts Maxiflow
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