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Complete range of leader pins, bushings springs, locks, slides, locating rings, air ejectors, spacer plates, tunnel gate inserts, date stamps, sprue bushings, sintered vents, mold plaques, and REDE VAULT.

Heating & Cooling

Complete range of baffles, cascades, elbows, nipples, hose barbs, plugs, temperature control systems and accessories, Isobars, diverters, and insulator sheets.

Mold Bases

Standard and custom bases.

Pins & Sleeves

Complete range of ejector pins, core pins, Moldmax pins, sleeves, blades, and core pin retainers/knockout rod extensions.

Polishing Supplies

Complete range of polishing stones, diamond compound, abrasives, mounted points, carbide burs, mandrels, files, wheels, and various polishing tools.

Specials Drawings

Please use these forms or send auto cad files.

All opportunities are appreciated and we will let you know ASAP if we cannot manufacture as requested and/or meet your delivery date.

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