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Core Pins - moldMax - Inch

4" 8" 12" 18"
MM12L04 MM12L08 MM12L12   1/4
MM15L04 MM15L08 MM15L12 MM15L18 9/32
MM18L04 MM18L08 MM18L12 MM18L18 3/8
7/32 MM21L04 MM21L08 MM21L12 MM21L18 13/32 3/16
1/4 MM25L04 MM25L08 MM25L12 MM25L18 7/16 3/16
9/32 MM28L04 MM28L08 MM28L12 MM28L18 7/16 1/4
5/16 MM31L04 MM31L08 MM31L12 MM31L18 1/2 1/4
3/8 MM37L04 MM37L08 MM37L12 MM37L18 5/8 1/4
7/16 MM43L04 MM43L08 MM43L12 MM43L18 11/16 1/4
1/2 MM50L04 MM50L08 MM50L12 MM50L18 3/4 1/4
9/16 MM56L04 MM56L08 MM56L12 MM56L18 13/16 1/4
5/8 MM62L04 MM62L08 MM62L12 MM62L18 7/8 1/4
3/4 MM75L04 MM75L08 MM75L12 MM75L18 1 1/4

• To order, add overall length “L” to Catalog Number.
Example: MM12L04


Moldmax® Pins from DMS offer the highest combination of thermal conductivity and strength available. Made from prehardened Moldmax® copper alloy, our pins are 3 times stronger than competing copper alloy pins, and have thermal conductivity 3-5 times greater than steel pins. The high strength provides longer life, resistance to abrasion and ease of machining.

The high strength provides longer life, resistance to abrasion and ease of machining.

The high thermal conductivity provides faster heat removal from critical areas, reducing molded part cost and post-mold shrinkage. The high-copper alloy provides excellent corrosion resistance and inherent lubricity and galling resistance.

Custom sizes are available.

Moldmax® in solid form poses no special health risk. Like many industrial materials, beryllium-containing materials may pose a health risk if recommended safe handling practices are not followed. Inhalation of airborne beryllium may cause a serious lung disorder in susceptible individuals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set mandatory limits on occupational respiratory exposures. For additional information on safe handling practices or technical data on Moldmax®, contact the Customer Service Department of Brush Wellman Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio at 1-800-862-4118. MSDS sheets are availble upon request.

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