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Mike Hicks
North American Sales Manager
Brian Camlis
Southwestern Ontario Regional Sales
Tom Ammann
Southeast USA Sales
Jay Davison
Western Regional Sales Manager
Darren Morris
Western Regional Sales
Mary Ann Clark
Chicago Branch Manager
Bill Chaplain
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Paul Hurley
Northeast Regional Sales Agent
David Hasler
Sales Agent, Florida & Georgia
Tom Halpin
Michigan & Ohio Sales Agent
Don Peyser
Michigan, Ohio, Northern Indiana, Wisconsin + Kentucky Sales Agent
John Weinrauch
Greater Toronto Area Sales Agent
Ahmed Nizam
Western Canada Sales
Lucie Guenette
Quebec, Maritimes + Eastern Ontario Sales


Sales Territories Are Now Available
DMS North America is a wholly North American owned company which licences manufacturing and distribution of precision standardized components for use in the injection molding and die casting industries. Established for over 40 years with operations in the USA and Canada.

Select Sales territories are now being considered throughout North America.

Ideally sales agents currently involved in supplying tooling to the Plastics and diecasting industry should apply to the Vice President of Sales.


Mold Bases Pins/Sleeves Components Heating/Cooling