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DMS  is exclusively a North American owned corporation, which licenses manufacturing & distribution of precision standardized components and ancillary products for use in the injection molding and die casting industries. Established for over 40 years the company employs staff at three locations in North America. The locations are Windsor (Ontario/Canada), Ontario (California), Elk Grove Village (Illinois).

DMS has a product range of over 12,000 items, and products include ejector pins, core pins, sleeve ejectors, blade ejectors, leader pins, bushings, tapered interlocks, sprue bushing and locating rings. Complementary products include unique mechanisms such as, date stamps, gating inserts, heating and cooling, mold polishing items, mold plaques & die/identification tags, gas springs, water manifolds, gas venting products, unscrewing devices and much more.

DMS has consistently been a WORLD CLASS market leader in new product development and prides itself on being first with innovations that have benefited mold making worldwide.

DMS also prides itself on its commitment to introducing and delivering quality products on time at competitive prices which has resulted in DMS customers and distributors achieving substantial success in many fiercely competitive markets. DMS has over 2000 customers and numerous distributors in Canada, USA, and Mexico.


DMS sets a high standard of quality in the products we provide to our customers. We take pride in making this commitment to best serve our customers and earn their respect and confidence in our products.

DMS is equipped with the Mitutoyo LH600 Linear Height system, which is a 1D vertical measuring device that offers high accuracy and easy operation of measuring features like heights, inside and outside diameters, slot widths etc.




Customer Relationship

Our team of staff provides a high level of communication, respect and an understanding of our customer requirements through product knowledge and service to exhibit our commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. We commit ourselves to an allegiance of loyalty to our customers with a commitment of excellence. Your partnership is our priority.

Customer Service

Our employees provide the highest standard of service to our customers. DMS is knowledgeable and sensitive to our customer product needs, delivery and pricing requirements. We are dedicated, providing prompt and courteous response time to all customer requests. DMS is dedicated to a course of action that continuously serves our customers.


DMS believes that all customers, suppliers and employees be treated with dignity, fairness and honesty. We pride ourselves in doing what we say we are going to do. DMS has an ethical foundation that we apply to our day to day service of our clients, suppliers and employees and community.


DMS incorporates mutual respect for similarities and for differences in background, expertise, judgments, and assigned responsibilities; and involves mutual trust based on experience to provide the absolute highest of standard of communication and service to our customers.


DMS prides itself on meeting individual customer needs in a diverse customer arena. Our team values differences and treats all customers, suppliers and employees with dignity and respect. We seek to ensure an inclusive workplace where people of all backgrounds, skills, and experiences are welcome, valued and can contribute with confidence.

Over 40 years of proven excellence in an evolving and changing marketplace

DMS provides a team environment and mutual respect with our customers and employees.

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