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About DMS

DMS (North America) is now a wholly North American owned corporation, which licenses manufacturing & distribution of precision standardized components and ancillary products for use in the injection molding and die casting industries. Established for over 40 years the company employs staff at three locations in North America. The locations are Windsor (Ontario/Canada), Fountain Valley (California), Schaumburg (Illinois), and Taunton (Massachusetts).

DMS has a product range of over 12,000 items, and products include mold bases, ejector pins, core pins, sleeve ejectors, blade ejectors, leader pins, bushings, tapered interlocks, sprue bushing and locating rings. Complementary products include unique mechanisms such as, date stamps, gating inserts, hot runner systems, heating and cooling, and mold polishing items, mold plaques & die/identification tags.

DMS has consistently been a market leader in new product development and prides itself on being first with innovations that have benefited moldmaking worldwide.

DMS also prides itself on its commitment to introducing and delivering quality products on time at competitive prices which has resulted in DMS customers and distributors achieving substantial success in many fiercely competitive markets. DMS has over 2000 customers and numerous distributors in Canada, USA, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

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